Muchalski Research Group at Fresno State

We are organic chemistry research group in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Fresno. We aim to discover and develop new reactions for more efficient and sustainable synthesis of agrochemicals, medicines, and materials.

We are always looking for motivated undergraduate and post-baccalaureate student researchers. Learn more about research opportunities in the HMLab.

group photo
Group photo (AY22-23 Spring; left to right): Hailey Scharton, Ani Abajian, Franklin Gauthier-Parker, Kirubel Mamo, Michael Stevens, Jeremy Pisor, Jorge Aguilar, Gurmannat Chalotra, Isabella Garcia, Hubert Muchalski, Karen Medina, Celine Irasusta.

Recent News

2023-08-21 AY 23-24 Fall semester begins.

2023-08-01 Jeremy secures employment as a chemist in the private sector. Congratulations!

2023-06-26 Hubert goes back to the bench to work on catalytic reactions in water in the labs of prof. Bruce Lipshutz at UC Santa Barbara. Support from NSF ROA award is warmly acknowledged.

2023-06-13 Hubert reports on his efforts to infuse more green chemistry into organic chemistry laboratory curriculum at the 2023 Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Long Beach, CA.

2023-06-01 Summer of travel for many HMLab members. Microbiology of Low Oxygen Ecosystems (MLOxE) REU at Montana State (Ani), internship at federal government offices in Washington, DC (Gurmannat).

2023-05-11 Awards, recognitions, and bitter-sweet farewells. Best of luck to Class of ‘23: Jeremy (MS), Michael (MS), Kirubel, Jorge, and Hailey.

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